Budget Office Staff

Kathy Whisman
Associate Vice President/Chief Budget Officer
Telephone: 621-3324
Garth Perry
Assistant Director, Budget Office
Telephone: 621-0075
Primary RCUs: Fine Arts, UA Presents, Humanities, Science, CLAS, Honors College, and James E Rogers College of Law
Cindy McHenry
Administrative Associate
Telephone: 621-9162

How Do I Determine Who My Analyst Is?

Mario Calderon
Senior Analyst, Budget and Financial
Telephone: 621-3322
Primary Fund/Sub-Funds: Auxiliary (AX), Designated (DE & DI), Locally Allocated ASC & ICR, Local Fund Budget Lead
Primary RCUs: CIO, CFO, Units of the President, Libraries, SBS, CALS/CALS Ext., and Optical Sciences
Veronica Chu
Senior Analyst, Budget and Financial
Telephone: 621-3725
Primary Fund/Sub-Funds: State, Program Fees, Retained Fees, Outreach, Summer Session, Aid
Primary RCUs: Academic Affairs & Provost, SVP Student Affairs, Education, Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy, Eller College of Management, Global Initiatives, Grad College, HR, Public Health, AZPM, and UA South
Matthew Kennedy
Analyst, Budget and Financial
Telephone: 626-4002
Primary Fund/Sub-Funds: Plant, Designated (DR), TRIF (TR)
Primary RCUs: SVPHS Admin, SVPHS Centers/Divisions, CAPLA, COM-P, COM-T, SVP Research/RDI
Ravindra Bhat
Developer, Application/Database
Telephone: 621-9163
Zachariah Hoffman
Applications Systems Analyst, Principal
Telephone: 621-9161