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Office of Budget & Planning


We provide the budget and planning tools, processes, and strategies that help University leadership, at all levels, to be effective, prudent, and strategic in its decision-making and resource management.


Adaptive High Performance

  • We purposefully pursue continuous improvement and self-development by adopting a growth mindset
  • We quickly re-prioritize and readjust to meet the demands of new circumstances
  • We continually drive stronger performance through flexibility in time (when), location (where), role (what we do), tool (how), and resource (who does it)
  • We see obstacles as challenges to overcome


  • We seek first to understand before offering assistance or solutions
  • Our questions are rooted in a desire to improve outcomes
  • We value inquiry over ego preservation
  • We embrace opportunities to learn new things


  • We seek what is best for the Office of Budget and Planning and the University, rather than what is best for ourselves
  • We proactively teach, document, and share openly to aid the learning of our teammates
  • We freely admit mistakes, invite feedback, and celebrate the success of our colleagues
  • We are willing to be vulnerable, humble, and empathic in service to the team